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Here at the Gweilo's Guide to Hong Kong Movies, the focus is on movie reviews from the perspective of someone familiar with Hollywood's formulas, but not too familiar with Hong Kong's.  I focus on what makes Hong Kong movies new and delightful, refreshing and weird, all from that outsider's "Gweilo" perspective.   With this in mind, sometimes the less I know about a Hong Kong movie, the more I enjoy it.

But of course Hong Kong cinema is a huge industry, and there are some great sites on the web that catalog, review, and report on these films just like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes does for Hollywood films.

I'll list a few of my favorites:

The Hong Kong Movie Database
The HKMDB is like the IMDB of Hong Kong cinema, and it lists a lot of the same types of information you'll see on IMDB.  It's Hong Kong based, and you can access the site in either Chinese or in English.  Great place to check what actors are in different movies, what other movies they've been in.
Love Hong Kong Film
This is another big Hong Kong based site, with loads of news and reviews and other kinds of coverage of the Hong Kong film industry.  A great source for up-to-date information about current films and actors.  Also, the site has a community forum that is somewhat active.
Kung Fu Cinema
"Screenfighting News and Reviews."  Another big site, with a focus on martial arts fighting in Hong Kong films, but lots of other information too.  They also have an active user forum.
Hong Kong Film Net
Great review site with a ton of good reviews.  This site's been on the web since 1998!  Done by another Gweilo, but one who is a lot more familiar with this cinema than I am.
Beyond Hollywood
This site isn't just focused on Hong Kong or Asian cinema, but as you can tell by the name it's very much in the same spirit as Gweilo's Guide.  Reviews of cult, horror, independent movies of all types, as well as Hong Kong movie reviews.
So Good Reviews
Swedish site (in English!) with lots of good, in-depth movie reviews of Hong Kong and other pan-Asian movies, with a focus on the B-movie aesthetic.

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