Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is Gweilo's Guide?

Are movies sometimes boring and predictable to you?
Watching yet another Hollywood Movie

I like movies.  But I also get bored with movies pretty easily.  This can be a problem, because once you've seen a few Hollywood romantic comedies, or road movies, or action movies, or horror movies, or whatever, you start to feel like you've seen them all. 

Hollywood has a certain number of film genres that they do.  Sometimes they do them well.  Sometimes they do them poorly.  But after watching your dozenth Hollywood flick in your favorite genre, you might start to wonder . . . Is that all there is?  Will I ever see anything surprising, or unusual, or fresh and new in a movie ever again?

That's where I was.  And then I discovered Hong Kong cinema.  It was love at first sight.

This is because, from the Gweilo's perspective, Hong Kong films are much weirder, cooler, fresher, more daring, and more interesting than Hollywood tripe.

This is also because Hong Kong totally kicks Hollywood's ass.

Gweilo's Guide provides lengthy, in-depth reviews of Hong Kong movies.  In addition to evaluating the individual films, the reviews aim to get the average, Hollywood-fed movie fan excited about this cool cinematic world.

Each film that is reviewed is given an Overall score, an MST3K-ability score, and a score on the WTF Meter.  Click here to find out more about what the ratings mean.

Enjoy a whole new world of movies!

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